Custom Engineered Systems

Lane Industries custom engineers auto-water systems to meet your specfic needs. Whether you need one room or an entire facility, our solutions are fully scalable. They include all of the components you need for a reliable and compliant watering system including distribution, treatment, and monitoring.

Water Treatment

Lane Industries works with you to develop water treatment specific cations
adjusted to your laboratory needs

  • Chlorination
  • Titration
  • Filtration and Purification
  • Reclamation and UV Filtration
  • Green Applications

Recoil Hoses

Lane Industries offers reliable and durable recoil hoses to ensure the highest in
water quality and system performance. Recoil hoses are available in 6′ and 10′
lengths, or custom sizes for your application. Our easy-to-install recoil hoses
are heavy-duty and long-lasting, exceeding industry standards.